The Stone House Primitives

The Stone House Primitives
A Cottage by the Lake

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Upper Level Almost Finished



I removed the carpet and sealed the plywood portion of the floor that was stained with what I assume was pet urine.  Portions of the walls were primed and then I painted the ceiling, walls, and trim (baseboard is not installed yet).  The room got a new light fixture, outlets and covers, and flooring.  The new door should be installed next week along with the baseboard and shoe molding then this room will be done.

The room I showed in my last post is scheduled to get a new door and shoe molding next week as well.  That room will only have a closet left to install as soon as the weather warms up (it's going into an attic so it's a bit cold to work on it now).

There is bit of work left in the hallway but again that has to wait for warmer weather...that is coming right?

The stair guy came yesterday so we're hoping that in the next few weeks we'll be able to get those done.  Jene's not happy I hired someone to help with them but as I keep telling him, he has never done stairs before and there is a liability issue with stairs...he can do the next set LOL!  Right now the staircase is just plain old dangerous with varying heights of risers and depths of treads.  The shame is they are a beautiful oak but were built poorly and the materials will be unsalvageable for this house. 

That's the status of things!

May God bless your latest project!


  1. Its looking better every time. Keep up the good work.


  2. Moving right along. You're a good supervisor :) Yes, warmer weather in the form of a question, LOL. Patiently waiting.

  3. Kendra your hard work is paying off ten fold! It really looks great.Be blessed,Jen


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