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The Stone House Primitives
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Perfect Timing

Bad news is the load of Thanksgiving dishes that I started in the dishwasher at midnight last night after everyone left was still dirty this morning when I opened the d/w to start another load.  I knew the day was coming but...
 This is a small, small portion of the dirty dishes sprawled around my kitchen counters and porch table.

The good news is, it is Black Friday and I got a good deal on the new one I bought today!  Jene will be installing it this evening...after i have everything washed by hand but I enjoy my basil scented dish soap so I'll be fine :)

On our way home from the appliance store we stopped at The Egg Lady's farmette and picked up some eggs since Sassy and Marly haven't started producing yet.  We have been waiting for The Egg Lady to have turkey eggs  so when we stopped she was excited to offer us turkey and goose eggs!
Goose, turkey, duck, and chicken (large grade) eggs.
No wonder when you get a dump on your head they call it a goose egg! 
The turkey eggs are so pretty, I am going to try to salvage the shells
when I use them.

I best get to washing more dishes and getting down Christmas decor!!!  Can't wait to get my new ornies from swap on a tree and my Christmas in July swap stuff from Sandi (Primitive Skate) out for the first time and remember my friend, Jessica (Blessings in the Country) that I met during last years Christmas swap!

Enjoy your evening everyone!




  1. Wow! That is perfect timing!I remember when ours went. Ugh! I am so glad that you got a deal!

    Your eggs are wonderful! They are works of art!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Evening Kendra......A new dishwasher, yey!!! what a thing to all the eggs, they look so pretty......Warm Blessings Francine.

  3. Sorry to hear about the dishwasher, but glad you got a deal on a new one! I still do dishes the old Fashion way, or should I say "My Boys" do the dishes for me!
    Can't wait to see your house all decorated for Christmas. I really got to get to my cleaning, I can't wait to display the Christmas goodies you sent me. Have a wonderful Sunday!!


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