The Stone House Primitives

The Stone House Primitives
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Of All The Crazy Things...

that can happen to somebody!?

As you know J has been sick with high temps for several days now.  I took him the the DR today and on the way home we stopped for a second at the rental farm I have listed for sale as part of my grandparent's estate to check on a deteriorating barn.  Hiney got out of the car with me (J stayed in) and as we were rummaging around he said "Hey Mom, check this piece of granite out".  All you saw was a corner, I never noticed it before but that doesn't mean anything with all the stuff that is there.  First thought: "Sweet! Wonder if it is big enough for a bench?".  Hiney helped me move the wood that was covering all but the corner and it was…
a headstone from 1854!

Soooooo cool!

So upon further investigation we discovered that Hannah's husband, John Beatty was the first settler in the area where my grandparent's homestead and main farm are (in 1835).  If fact, from description, The Beatty farm may be either the far corner of Grandpa and ma's farm or the cattle farm directly behind theirs.

Here is some of the info I found, complete with a direct reference to the stone I have in the estate's possession!

The cemetery seems to have been moved. Residents remember the last readable stone as being Hannah (Hackett) Beatty, wife of John (before the stone was carried off by a tenant who took a liking to it). Hannah can now be found at the Garfield Cemetery.

My plan is to first confirm that Hannah has a new stone and then I will be contacting my mom's old friends at Garfield Farm Museum (across from the cemetery where Hannah now is) and asking their advise on what to do with her old stone.

I did look to see if Hannah has any living relation and everything I read said that there were no living relatives because after confirming that she had a new headstone I thought "that would be soooo cool to have the original headstone of my great-great-great…grandmother if she had a new one!"  I did learn that she had a daughter that lived to 16 and a son that moved to MO eventually and had a daughter, that daughter never had children but did marry.

Why do all these crazy things happen to me?  LOL!  Guess The Lord thought I needed a distraction for a bit…a really cool and different one with [hopefully] a very rewarding result!

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed evening my friends!

For Him, always for Him,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Catching Up!

Craziness lately!

Reno, listed Grandparent's farm, sick kid, Easter…

Briefly.  Went to an auction today:

 Homemade armoire for J's bedroom at Lawrence House.

High chair $27.50
Ladder $16-
Sewing table $20-
Old tiller $5-

Then we found a garage sale on the way home and got 7 pairs of ice skates for $20- for up at Lawrence house when folks come over in the winter.  Ice skating on the lake.  Smile!

Estate sale last week:

Trash find:
Gonna make it into shelves.

Rather than taking down the old farm fence between my bil's house and our's we decided to put in a gate but I didn't want just any gate.  I knew exactly what I wanted and I was pretty sure where to find it!  I drove out to Josie's Antiques in Cortland, IL and of course she came through!
Can't wait to get it installed!

Other news:

I sold the sailboat I accidentally bought last year.  The gentleman plans on painting it up like a pirate ship.  I asked him to end me pictures!

I believe we may have the reno rented already.  Very excited!  Now just to get it done LOL!
Got a bit further on the bathroom but Jene has to get the door in before I can go any further and this week has just not permitted him any time to get over there.

We were supposed to host Easter tomorrow but J has an unmedicated fever of 104 degrees so I will still make the food but we are bringing it all over to my bil's house next door-happy housewarming Joe!  Baptism by fire LOL!  I could get used to this deal where I get to cook (which I love) and someone else has to clean their house (which I do not love!).  Jene is over there cleaning right now.

Happy Easter all.  He is risen!  Thank You Lord!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tile, tile and...

more tile

 rental reno. bathroom floor tile without grout

start of wall tile.

I have to go and work on the walls some more tomorrow and then get the floor grouted before I leave there tomorrow.  I am very pleased with how it's going so far.

I'll post before and afters when it's done!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's Working!, Estate Sale Finds, and Tile Backsplash

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers concerning my uncle and his health.  Keep on praying my friends!  He's hearing us!  Please continue!  I got a call yesterday informing me that my uncle's tumor has shrunk to a treatable size in the last few days!  This may buy him a
bit more time.

Today I went to an estate sale.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!  Picture this, an almost 3000sf victorian home completely decorated with prim and country decor!!!

Here are my treasures, all purchased for $50.25 including an old table top and a Crock Pot.

 This was $1-!  It still had the $29- price tag on it!

 Sweet little pin keep on a little lid!
 Santas, stars, and sheep oh my!

As I was walking around I over heard a few of the workers say that they had heard that the gal who lived there had been a wonderful and sweet lady.  I thought "well, of course she was, she was a prim person!".  I guess she was 62 when she passed last month from pancreatic cancer.

Here are some interior shots of the house:

Hiney and I went up to The Stone House for the first few days of Spring break and did some tiling above the shower and the backsplash in the kitchen.



I was leary when our realtor suggested leaving the old counter tops but I really think it looks great!  I still need to grout and then seal the tile, that will probably happen when we go up next.

I had J and his girlfriend paint the basement at the reno after we got back on Thursday.
They did a great job and the fresh paint really brightened up the place.  I told them it should take them a couple of hours knowing that it would take me about four hours but it took then 7 hours so 14 man mil reminded me that I paint a lot more than they ever have so, yah, it would take them a lot longer.  I did make my presence known often so there were no shenanigans going on, they were working.  Anyway it turned out great!

Better go, I'm exhausted from my estate shopping today LOL!

May God bless you richly, and again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prayers Needed

...I am not even sure where to start...please pray for my uncle.  As I have shared in the past (click here), my uncle has has many health issues in the past due to what seems to be a determination to self destruct.

I got a call on Monday from his fiancé letting me know that he is in the hospital with suspected throat cancer.  I got a call confirming this this morning.  It has spread to the liphnodes (sp?).  He will be coming home in a couple of days at which time Hospice will be coming in.

I am so thankful that my boys spent a good portion of last Summer working for him mowing his lawn and doing odd jobs cleaning his house out before he moved to Colorado in the Fall where he and his fiancé  bought a beautiful house on a mountain side.  He was finally happy after many many years of misery.

I saw him two weeks ago when they were in town...we had lunch together.  He was not well but I passed it off on the change in altitude.

I thank the Lord for the time my boys got to spend with their great-uncle last Summer.  I thank you for the opportunity that I got to see him for lunch a few weeks ago.

Today Hiney and I were driving home from TSH and a song came on the radio.  It was the song that I asked my uncle about when I was in 7th or 8th grade, I asked him if he knew what the song was and the group that sang it then I sang a few of the words for him.  He went out to his car and came back with the cassette tape that had the song...I Can't Hold Back by Survivor.  He was always a music buff...I still have the tape (granted I no longer have a cassette player LOL!).  Anyway, the song felt like a sign...

Friends, please pray for his children and fiancé to have peace in their hearts and pray for the Lord to not let him suffer any longer than He needs him to.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Swap, Critter Gitter, and Living Room Before and After

I recieved my pin keep swap treasure box from Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies on Thursday and it was just precious!

I just love those teeth!  

She also sent many other treasures:
 Beautiful Easter Bunny wool applique and 
a note back (I am a paper-holic!), seeds waiting for Spring, and a wonderful friendship plaque that I will hang from a knob in my craft room!

Thank you Wendy, I love everything!

Update:  I spoke with the Critter Gitter and he determined that the critter is dead in the basement ceiling tiles of my grandparent's house.  My evil cold-hearted aunt had wanted to take all the tiles down in search of cash shortly after Grandma passed away...I told her she may not do that...maybe now would be a good time to let her go ahead :)

I got the trim and walls in the living room of our latest reno done at midnight last night.

The floor will get done after Spring break this week.

We took a good portion of the junior high wrestling team, J and his girlfriend paint-balling today.  The kids played for 2 hours and then filled up on pizza and soda as they compared battle wounds...I am sure they'll all sleep well tonight.

 J and Savanah

 Hiney all geared up in his motorcycle gear

Hiney and his "girlfriend-in-law" and J smiling goofy
I can't believe she puts up with either of them LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!