The Stone House Primitives

The Stone House Primitives
A Cottage by the Lake

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just A Wee Project

It has been ages but next time I post we will have finished the reno of the house we have been working on since March.  The home will have all new flooring, fresh paint and wall treatments, all new interior and exterior doors, new butcher block counter tops.  We also reconfigured the kitchen a bit, created a bedroom and mudroom from wasted space, remodeled the bathroom and added much needed storage throughout.  We are hoping to host an open house for the neighbors next Thursday and the tenants are moving in next Sunday.  I still have the LR floor to lay, trim to tack up, and counters to install…in a week lol!  It'll get done, it always does.

I have been relaxing a bit in the evenings after getting home and this is what I have worked on the past few nights, a chicken coop, pen, and garden for my dollhouse.

Talk to you in a week or so and I promise to have before and after pictures of the Summer of 2014 reno!

May God bless you richly!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

This And That of Summer 2014

Been busy busy around here.  Trying to get part of the duplex rented, getting another house done and ready for new tenants in a few weeks, helping the boys on their trucks, mowing…

Anyway, I found this great little guy today at the nursery where the boys mow.  Meet Mr. McQuackin, he likes to hang out in the Cone Flowers.  He is wonderful painted rusty metal piece of art.

 I pulled this rusty metal hardware organizer from an old barn with a plan to plant succulents in it.  I love how it turned out.  It is down by the shed.

I volunteered to adopt three "homeless" chickens.  I will be able to use their current coop for as long as I need it so I hope to bring them home early next week.

 One of the projects on the docket for our most recent rental reno was to remove the old dilapidated shed and the guys had an absolute blast doing just that yesterday afternoon.

We ended up with a full audience by the time we were done.  The commotion brought the neighborhood out to see what was going on!

 I snapped this shot of J working on Lindsay the other day.  I am not sure where he came up with the name Lindsay but he likes to tell people that he has been spending a lot of time with Lindsay lately, LOL!  Which is fine with me because she brings out the best in him…along with some blood, sweat, and tears!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

May God bless you,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Still Plays With Trucks...

Sorry I have not posted much so far this Summer, as I said before I have not figured out how to get the pix from my phone to the blog since I did an update on my phone (big mistake, don't like change!) plus we have been soooo busy working on the reno rental trying to get it ready for it's new family (a very close friend of mine :).  I hope to have a small block party for the neighborhood when it is done, the poor house and neighbors had suffered with bad occupants for years and we want to show them that this is a new leaf for all of them!

J has turned over a new leaf as well so he has earned his Bronco back and is anxiously awaiting the day he can get his license (12 more hours of driving!)…did you know that we "are the only parents" in Illinois that have enforced the 50 hours of drive time to be documented?  I love being unique ;).

In the meantime we found a truck for Hiney.  It is a 1992 and has 13,000 miles on it!  Her name is Linda (one of Hiney's friends decided on the name, said he felt the truck telling him that that was her name-he has a sense of humor like Hiney…scary the two of them together LOL!).

Anyway, here is a picture of the boys and their toys all washed and waxed.

Both trucks went to Cruise Night last night and today J and I spent the entire day removing window tint from the windows of his (the white one), that was A JOB!!!  I so enjoyed working with J on the project though.

So excited and happy for both of them :)

Hope all is well in your world!

May God bless you richly,

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hello!  I am still here.

I did an update on my phone accidentally (I don't like change!) and I need to figure out what I did before to get the photos from my phone onto my blog again (any ideas?).

In the mean time please pray for my son J, he is struggling again.

Funny duck story: Someone laid an egg today…in the pond!  I saw something floating in there this afternoon and figured it our rather quickly that it was an egg so I fished it out.  We had a group meeting and discussed how laying eggs in the pond is not acceptable and just a bad idea.  As I was lecturing Jene came over and spoke up for them as they all just stared at me "it just slipped out".  My friend suggested that the culprit duck just wanted the newborn the swim immediately after hatch.  LOL!

Ill try to get my phone and computer in sync pretty quick so I can share updated photos of the reno.

For Him,

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I was on my hands and knees working out at the duck pen and when I looked up this is what I saw.  Supervisors!  (They were so nosey that they didn't move when I was pulling out the camera!)

Hope you have a good and productive weekend!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Blooms

While Hiney was mowing at the nursery last week I wandered around and snapped some pictures of things I liked and would like to plant in the future…

 This smells so good when you rub the leaves.

 I borrowed a combination of these ideas for a couple of neat double hanging baskets I got from a garage sale for $5- each.

I love this bird house.  Looks like a good winter project to try to make!