The Stone House Primitives

The Stone House Primitives
A Cottage by the Lake

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Word is Out!

The word is out that I am an addict.  There are many people enabling me and it's great!

Hiney's buddy's mom had a dollhouse that she needed out of her folk's basement so guess who has it now?  Yep, me!

This one is very heavy and well built but it has absolutely nothing finished.  Im picturing a barn red clapboard siding and a very prim finish with varying widths of wood flooring.  My hope is to create most of the furnishings on my own.  Great little lap projects while a movie plays on the tv or while sitting at a sports event.

Marsha from Tattered Chick saw my post a few weeks ago about my miniature addiction and was kind enough to send me her "leftovers" (as she called them) from her room box days.  When the big envelope arrived I first thought "what in the world did I order?".  Then I realized what it was!  What a fun treasure trove, eeeK!  SO MANY FUN THINGS!!!
 I'm picturing the railings around a deck, the pillars on the bakery/coffee shop [up next on the docket], and look at the wonderful wall shelves-they will be perfect for my new prim colonial!  Something for each of the houses.

She sent salad fixings that will be perfect at the coffee shop.  Funny thing is I have been considering how to and what I could use to make trash cans, no longer an issue!  LOL!

She also sent some fabulous donuts and various other baked goods that will be perfect for the bakery!

Thank you so much Marsha, everything is very much appreciated!  


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Graduation Picture

Here is the graduation picture of Mac that I promised you:
Note the graduation hat.
So proud of you Mac-a-Roni!

Yesterday I stopped at an antique mall in Rockford, IL.  I was on the look out for a "new" quilt for our bed because our's is so ratty that Jene is concerned that "one of us is going to get strangled in our sleep!".  I didn't find one that was the size and colors that I am looking for but I did find this smaller one in great condition for a really reasonable price.
It's red, white, and blue with a twist.

I also saw this fabulous dollhouse that is different than anything I have ever seen before.

The roof and sides open up to reveal the interior which is a basic two bedroom ranch.

It took everything that I had not to bring it home, particularly when the dealer came over and told me that she could take an additional $20- off the already reasonable price!  I was good though and told her, quiet honestly, that if I bought it I would have to figure out a way to attach it to the other three I have at home so that I could live in there after my husband kicked me out for bringing home another dollhouse!

I have a quiet home today with Hiney being at a friend's house, J working for my nephew, and Jene working.  Just me and the dogs.

May God bless you richly today,

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's A Dog's Life!

It was a busy weekend!  On Saturday Mac and I attended our last Level 3 dog obedience class and he graduated!  (Amazing what American cheese will accomplish, LOL!)  As soon as his picture is posted on the "school's" website I will post it.

Saturday after school we headed up to the lake house.   On Sunday we had about 26 people from my mother-in-law's side of the family up for food, games, and ice skating.

Due to Mac's bad habit of bolting out open doors (which I do not understand considering he is such a Mama's boy and follows me everywhere, even whines outside bathroom door when I am in there!) I was concerned with everyone coming and going Sunday so we put CJ on babysitting duty.
It worked out great!  Jene was concerned that Mac would run CJ around…soooo not the case LOL!  If CJ wanted to lay down he did and Mac was "stuck".  If CJ wanted to walk, Mac walked.

Both pups are exhausted after the long weekend and have been sleeping all day so far.

The Thursday prior my bil had came over and told us that he felt Mac was best off with us because he has become so settled here.  I was so happy, Mac and I have been through so much and I truly believe he was sent to be my angel dog.

On one more note, my cousin did some art work of the boy's trucks for them for Christmas.  I just had to show you because they turned out so perfect.

To see more of his art work click HERE.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world!



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Spring Somewhere!

The ducks and chickens have not been allowed outside the hut in a week.  The dogs rush out and rush back in to patiently wait for me to pick the icy snow clumps from their pads…then eat them.  I don't go out with out a coat, boots, gloves and last but not least my Heat Holders socks!  We are looking forward to Thursday's high of 23 degrees!  The kids were back to school for three of the five days last week due to weather cancelations (same way last year!)

BUT…the good news is that it is beginning to look a lot like Spring in Miniville!  I got the mailbox "plantings" done last week.

Tulips in a little bicycle basket behind the mailbox and some nice green grass (Can you tell this is NOT the real world?  I know my grass has bare spot, long patches and burned areas courtesy of the dogs, lol!).

In the background you can see a couple of other little things I did so here's a closer look:
A little fountain/pond with a water lily and a wash tub full of tulip blooms!

Mac and I have almost completed our last level of doggie school to [hopefully] graduate next week!  Before we left school on Saturday the teacher told us that if he "does as well next week as he did this week that he will be graduating".  
Here's Mac all proud of himself in the back of the car!

J is loving his new school and Hiney is doing well with drivers ed!

Hope all is well in your world!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dollhouse Updates

I am giving serious thought to adding "and Miniatures" to my blog name.  I am really enjoying and re-inspired to be working with my dollhouse that my grandfather built for my mother Christmas of 1956 and remodeled for me in 1986.  I have since been remodeling it again over the past several years.  I have expanded to the yard with a 2 car garage, a chicken coop, doghouse, and a rabbit hutch.

Last week while my "sister" Michelle was on vacation from her jobs we got together several times and played at the dollhouse store Lolly's in Elgin, IL.  A lot of the furniture I have in my DH was purchased from there when the house was remodeled for me in 1986 so Lolly's has been around for a while and remains a wonderful place where I could spend hours!

The week prior Michelle and I met out at Josie's Antique Barn for their last day of business.  Now, in my DH magazines there is a section where people share how they came across certain miniature treasures and I remember one where the gal found and bought this mangy DH that was just gross but she resurrected it and it really is beautiful now.  I thought "oh, I would love a barn find DH!".  Well we found one, $20- in the lower level of the barn!

After some deep scrubbing this one will house a bakery and coffee shop in the lower level and an apartment in the upper level.

As for Grandpa's, here's some progress with new windows and siding (wish you couldn't see where each seam on the siding was but…what can ya' do?).

Hiney's buddy's mom asked me to take her DH because she "wants it to go some where it will be taken care of and appreciated" so we are going from one colonial style DH to three within a month…Jene's thrilled 'cuz you know this is a small scale and inexpensive hobby.  HaHa!  Ah, we didn't need a LR anyway!

I am imagining that this one will be here next week sometime.
Not sure of the plans for it yet but I am picturing a front porch in it's future.

I finished the roof for the DH garage.  Wanting a tin roof but being terrified of sheet metal (long story), I chose to use corrugated cardboard which I painted "steel" and "rusted" up with my bil and hubby's insistence.

I love lightning rods so I made a miniature one.

Got this quilt from ebay (approx. 6x7-I can't believe there are no blood stains on it, lol!).

A few fun things at the DH store.

The boys up at the Lake House last weekend watching Jene as he ate at the counter.

As many of you know we are a car crazy family.  Well for a car crazy family we were down to two a few weeks ago so Jene and I "fought" over the cool teenager car (actually who would get stuck with it!) until Jene's got repaired.
Guess who the lucky one was…yah, I don't think the folks at the grocery store were expecting a 42 yo woman to come climbing out of this rig lol!  Really looking forward to the "16 year old boy exhaust" that is going on in a couple of weeks, that should turn some heads…hopefully not to many police officer's heads though.

Hope everyone is staying warm,  -3 for a high here tomorrow.  Burno family Christmas here this weekend, then down with the decorations :(  It's time.

God Bless,

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Season

As I am sure you can imagine there has been a lot going on around here!

Update: Hiney has switched schools and is experiencing much success in his new surroundings, it is such a relief to him, Jene and I.  With Hiney's success we sought the same for J.  I had all but given up hope of J being accepted into the same school but received an unexpected call from the guidance councelor on Wednesday informing me that we were to be at the school Thursday morning at 9:30 and that his start date is January 5th, the day the boys go back to school.  Praise God!

Mac, my nephew dog continues to live with us close to full time. We are slowly trying to acclimate him into his new home with my bil.  In the meantime, he and I have accelerated through two levels of doggie school and he is now "A Level Three Dog"!

I made several ornaments as gifts for distant friends and relatives.
With white painted twig wings, I am very pleased with how these angels turned out.

I made these from cut out burlap dipped in wax with a cinn. stick and dried apple slice.

I used a die cutting machine and a Tom Holtz reindeer shaped die along with an embossing die to cut out and them emboss a soda can to make these.

I had a wonderful time crafting these two reindeer from a feed sack for some close friends of mine.

Yesterday a young friend of mine and I went and made these two little guys.  Meet Randolph and Tubby!  They are made of needle felted wool roving.

I participated in Amy's ornie swap and received these wonderful handcrafted ornies for my blog tree from Alison and Becky.  Thank you again ladies!

The boys (Mac "Roni" and C.J.) were super helpful in decorating the house this year.
For being 9yo dog who grew up as an only dog CJ does fabulous at sharing his bed, toys, and family with his little cousin Mac.

 Christmas morning tree

 blog tree

 love this stitchery
 porch stockings

While I wrap gifts and craft Mac is my ever present helper.  He is such a heater hog, whether it's in the kitchen or the craft room, if the heat is on then Roni is right there!

Speaking of the kitchen, the Jene and I have made about 500 turtles over the past week for Christmas gifts and parties.

Lastly, a new addition in the laundry area, pictured still in the store where purchased.  I feel this piece was a steal at $268- and 4.5 feet long.  The place where purchased it is a used furniture store that had one primitive (this tall dry sink), since there is not really a market for the prims they either had no idea what a treasure they had or wanted it out of there-good for me!

I don't see myself posting again prior to Christmas so Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  Enjoy the celebration of His birth to the fullest with those that are important to you.