The Stone House Primitives

The Stone House Primitives
A Cottage by the Lake

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Who Ever Thought Teenagers Were a Good Idea?!

Who ever though teenagers were a good idea…

Yesterday Hiney was driving his truck and I was riding in the passenger side.  We pulled up to a light and some boys in a truck next to us were eyeing Hiney's truck, he saw this and smirked  proudly.  I asked "did you see that?".  He replied "Yah".  I said "they were looking over here thinking 'man, that guy's girlfriend is hot!'".  "No, they were looking over there thinking 'man, I wonder how that guy's grandma got up in that thing!'".  Little poop, lol!  Of course I was on the phone with his Godmother who thinks he is just the most funny and charming boy on the face of the earth so she was busting up laughing.

Then we have this one…
J was heading out last night (30 degrees out mind you) in shorts.  I stopped him and said "no child of mine is going out like that tonight" so he changed…
Camo, flannel, and Batman…much better :/
What his Godmother had to say about that when I texted her the picture, "at least you shouldn't have to worry about any girls chasing him tonight"…unless they are blind (as my bff said)!

We headed up to the lake house for a couple of days, this is what we woke up to Wednesday.

Here's Roni Dog on the ride up.  He did not lay down the entire 2 1/2 hour trip up or the trip back.  CJ lays down and just rolls his eyes at his goofy little brother.

It was a relaxing trip for the most part with the exception of Wednesday when Mac slipped out the door and the chase was on for 45 min (I bought a wireless containment system after we got back, we'll see if it's money well spent…I know it was cheaper than the vet bill is gonna be when he gets hit by a car!).  After that we went to lunch at a favorite restaurant some friends own and that evening we took the guys to a water park.  We came back Thursday night.

Misc. pics:
work dog, Aslund
130# at 15 months old!

"Tin" ceiling in the miniature bakery
Made from scrapbooking paper and painted wood trim

Hope you all have a warm and wonderful day!

Monday, March 23, 2015

"Spring?" break and Mini Update

Happy first day of "Spring" break!
This is insane, a week ago today it was 70° this trash!

Things are warm and cozy in Miniville though.

 Michelle's kitchen in the apt above the bakery.

 Living room


 Bakery/coffee shop exterior so far.  I love how the business hours sign turned out.


Inside the bakery

Almost looks real, huh? :)

I'm back to telling folks to stay warm soooo "stay warm!"


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Belated St. Patty's Day!



and the quackers (the water is their green touch-yuck!)

I had full intentions of posting this Tuesday evening but as I was fixing to sit down in my sweats, with the TV tuned to the Hallmark channel, and my ravioli loaded with mozzarella baking in the oven I got a call from the agent I listed my grandparents house with telling me that the agent for one of the two offers that I had on the house was coming to talk to me to plead his clients case as to why I should sell it to him (the house was listed for 3 days, had 7 showings, and 3 offers total, 2 of which were over the asking price!- guess that's what 120 man hours of work will get you, like to see my aunt complain about that!).  All in all I ended up telling the guy (I know it sounds horrible but business is business…) "show me the money".  the house ended up getting a contract for just over 10% over the asking price!  Obviously I won't bored you with the details but, it was the craziest 72 hours I have ever experienced and the realtor said that in 24 yrs she had never seen anything quit like the feeding frenzy we experienced.

With that shared, Mac starts school up again tonight, Doggie Etiquette 101.  

The pit bull/goose cross seems to have forgotten about our understanding:
Goose attack wound

Hope you have a good evening!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Roni Dog aka "Bird Hunter"

Cute, huh?
 Cute, huh?

I am not used to having a puppy around and it's obvious…I have been working on these cute Spring birds this week while watching TV in the family room in the evenings.  After finishing the beaks on a few the first night my orange wool roving mysteriously disappeared so I had to switch colors for the remaining birds.  Then this morning after working in the craft room for a short period of time, this is what I saw when I walked into the family room…

On another note, I found this treasure at GW a few days ago:

My father was in town over the weekend and stayed at a fabulous old hotel that I have been curious about in the next town over.  We went to check it out, look at this woodwork!

 I have been working diligently on my miniature "downtown building".
Store front
(not finished, still needs "stone" siding

 "copper" roof created from corrugated paper, cooper leaf, and a combo of green paints

 Upper level apt. living room window.  They're hard to see but on each corner there are little medallions  that Marcia from Tattered Chick sent me.  Thanks again Marcia :)

The rest of the living room:

My farm hand job is going well.  The pit bull/goose cross and I are developing a thing.  He goes to bite me I gently grab his beak and hold it while I do my chores in there.  The next two trips that I have to make through there he leaves me alone.

I am meeting with the realtor to list Gram's at 10:30 this morning, bittersweet.

Hope you have a wonderful day,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I decided I needed a job…something to get me going in the morning and a place to be needed and appreciated (yes I love my family and they come first but the fact is teenage boys can spare their mom for 4-8 hours a week while their at school).  So what does an at home mom look for for a job?  Well a farmhand of course?!  Yes, I am basically a farmhand two days a week.  I am in charge of feeding, watering, and cleaning up after Alpacas, Llamas, flocks of geese, chickens, and ducks, a heard of sheep and goats, three horses, rabbits, and Guinea hens.  Quail and more goats will be added eventually.
 This little gal is one of my favorites.  So sweet!

 Stinky boy but gotta pet him cuz his fur is so cool!

This is my arch nemesis.  I'm pretty sure he is a Pit Bull/goose cross.
Got me in the butt Monday and today he had a lock jaw on my thigh as I drug him around his pen doing chores LOL! 

I got the second BOM from Buttermilk Basin done.  Love these one night projects!  Click HERE if you'd like to join in on the fun!

The miniature bakery is coming along.  Just look at the cases full of yummy treats!

Isn't this miniature blanket chest beautiful?

I built this miniature table from a kit the other day.  It'll go in the bakery/coffee shop when it's done.

That's it for now!


Friday, February 27, 2015

Boys and the Man Cave

We headed up to the lake house for a day trip to check on things on Wednesday.  The boys rode with:
 Roni Dog on the ride back.

The boys at bedtime…this configuration lasts about 15 seconds at which time CJ gets disgusted with his little brother and moves.

DH updates:
 The garage and Gramp's place are in place and landscaped in the living room.

 A real man's paradise!

Progress on Michelle's Place (apt above the bakery):
The living room with the door and bay window (complete with window seat) installed.
Hoping to get some paint and carpet in there before the end of the weekend!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, ours will be busy finishing up at Gram's to get it ready for the market (finally…it's been 2 1/2 years).


Monday, February 23, 2015

Warm and Cozy

Dollhouse beds:

 Master bed of Gramp's House.  This quilt is all hand stitched (not by me of course) with little bitty pieces.  I finally got it on the bed and all pinned down.

For Michelle's Place above the bakery.

Warm and cozy thoughts to you,